Dine with John @ Kreem Cafe, East Tamaki

There are many lovely places in Auckland where you can spend an early Monday morning, but East Tamaki is not one of them.

That’s exactly the situation I found myself in recently though, stranded in one of Auckland’s great industrial hubs with an hour to spare before work. Not one to mess about, I promptly went about looking for a place to get some food. This led me to Kreem Cafe on Harris Road.

Tacky-sounding name aside, Kreem Cafe presents you with a surprisingly inviting ambience the moment you step through its doors. The soft, muted lighting is easy on your sleep-deprived Monday morning eyes. Quiet tradie types are hunched around the tables, discussing their plans for the day. A breezy remix of Closer by The Chainsmokers plays in the background.

I took one glance at the menu and knew exactly what I was ordering: the big breakfast. Every cafe worth its salt serves its own iteration of the legendary big breakfast, and I unashamedly use this dish as a barometer of the entire eatery’s quality.

Kreem Cafe’s big breakfast will set you back $19, which I thought wasn’t too harsh. I ordered a mocha to go with my breakfast and took a seat. My coffee didn’t take long to arrive.


The mocha was good, with just the right amount of chocolatiness, but I wasn’t here to spend the morning sipping coffee. Not too long after, my big breakfast arrived.

Goodness me.

Look, folks, I’m just going to be straight up – Kreem Cafe serves one of the best damn big breakfasts you’ll find anywhere in Auckland. And this is coming from someone who’s spent a lot of time eating big breakfasts around Auckland. Honestly, the photo doesn’t do it justice. Do yourself a favour and go get a big breakfast from your nearest Kreem Cafe.

Let’s start with the bacon. You get plenty of it – big, greasy rashers that are worth clogging your arteries for. Then there’s the eggs: two beautifully poached orbs from which the yolk pours out in much the same way a mother pours out her love for her newborn child.

You also get two slices of deliciously buttered toast (white or brown), a grilled tomato, and a portion of sauteed spinach – something I’m seeing for the first time in a big breakfast. A couple of potato hash cakes, a smoked sausage, and a pot of creamy mushroom add the finishing touches to the dish.

If there is anything worth waking up early on a Monday morning for, this is it. Kreem Cafe, I will be back.

Verdict: Kreem Cafe’s big breakfast is quite literally the best thing to ever happen to East Tamaki. The coffee is good, the staff are good, the vibes are good. Everything is good.

8.3 / 10


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Chloe says:

    Another great review John! It’s making me hungry 😀


    1. John says:

      Thanks Chloe! Glad you enjoyed the read 🙂


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